I didn't get into UNH

I got into Hampshire, with a ton of scholarship and aid money, so it, like, completely doesn't matter.  But they turned me down because I don't have enough math credits. Like, one of my math classes (that is, half of my CLEP test) doesn't count for their requirements. They said they might reconsider me if I took a qualifying math class over the summer. Don't get me wrong -- it's great that they do that. I appreciate that they give their applicants every opportunity to get in. But I laughed out loud when I read the rejection letter.

So far, I haven't gotten a confirmed admission from any of the schools I applied to apart from Hampshire, which was literally the only school I was afraid I wouldn't get into. It's so weird, and funny, that they were the only school who were like "Yes, we want you here, no question." Like -- my reach school is all for having me in, and all of my safety schools are like "Eeeehhhhh..."