I am whelmed

Two more posts before I can blow off a day. I have not been having a great week. It feels like it should be over by now. Or, it felt like it should be over by the end of the day on Tuesday, and now it just feels like I'm in a cruelly hyperbolic grind towards the unknowable but almost certainly destructive and vile future.

And it's been pouring raining in southern NH and northern Mass. for days. It's almost as if by Tuesday reality ran out of time and now it's just coming apart. The sky is literally falling. Somebody pulled a plug somewhere and now the clouds are melting and the heater's off.

And I still have tomorrow to get through. Tomorrow's not going to be a short day. I've got an exam, and a presentation, then I've got at least one story to finish at work, but I should probably stick around long enough to get two done.

And then. THEN. I still have work on the weekends. It's not even going to be a day off. It's just a different character of business, and different places to be and not-be.

Sorry for being so vague. I actually kind of don't like talking about my personal life much on the internet, but there's a lot going on right now and it's preventing me from devoting mental energy to cool stuff to blog about.