As I have previously mentioned, over the past week or so my teeth have been in absurd pain.  I went to a dentist on Friday, and got a couple prescriptions.  One of them was Vicodin, to deal with the pain until the penicillin started working.  The other one was penicillin. I had the day off on Saturday, so I got two days' worth of penicillin in before I had to go back to work.  And, though I am aware that I need to take the entire course of penicillin to avoid just making the infection stronger, by Sunday my worst spikes of pain were so diminished that I could actually do other things while I was experiencing them.  (This is as opposed to Saturday, when I swished some water around in my mouth and had to lay down for ten minutes, clutching my face and whimpering.)

I'm looking forward to going to the dentist tomorrow, because it will be nice to get all the way down to no pain, and I'm almost out of painkillers and even if I beat this infection, the tooth will probably get infected again eventually.

But penicillin is incredible.  What the hell would this toothache have been like before 1930?  Furthermore, the pills smell really familiar, so I think I was probably on antibiotics at some other point in my life.  I could be dead by now, if not for them.

Seriously.  Penicillin rocks.  So much.