Hypothetical jewelry

I was out doing Christmas shopping yesterday night, and one of the places where my partner and I went was an Alex and Ani location -- Alex and Ani being, I discovered yesterday, a brand of charm bracelets that are meant to be worn in long sets of bangles up your whole arm, instead of putting all the charms on one bracelet.[1. I know almost nothing about charm bracelets to begin with, so I'm not sure whether this is a useful description.] I actually really liked one of the bracelets, and would have considered getting it, if (a.) it wasn't $60, (b.) it wasn't being sold by a nationally successful jewelry company,[2. Apparently Alex and Ani has fairly humble roots, and may still be an ethical and respectable company -- that said, if I'm going to buy jewelry, I'd rather buy it from a smaller artist who is more likely to need the money, rather than merely be unlikely to do anything horrible with it.] and (c.) they didn't come with cards that explained what the symbolism was supposed to be.

This is the one I liked, except in silver:

So, later last night, I was looking through Etsy trying to find bangles I might like, because I'd really love to have some jewelry I like wearing, it's just very difficult to get jewelry that isn't aggressively gendered in one way or another.

And I started imagining a bracelet that at first I thought I wanted to wear:  a wrought silver band, about an inch wide, but splitting open down the middle at the top to wrap like an eyelid around a cloudy polished stone, something with a black pit at the center and indigo around the edges, visible through a static milky fog.

Basically, I was imagining a bracelet that looked like it had a glass eye with a cataract.  Maybe with a set of different stones fitted into each other, with a few thick layers of a cloudy enamel over the top.

I also imagined a matching ring, and/or a cane, tie pin, choker necklace, and so on.  Regardless of where I might wear this aesthetic, the fact remains that I am not nearly grim or goth enough to pull it off, or to want to pull it off.

I'd really love to be involved in the creation of a movie in which a character has this set of accessories, though.