Holdfast: a new speculative fiction magazine. Also, weird time and effort stuff, redux

Today seems like it fits in nicely as one of a three part series forming the beginning of this week.  (Fingers crossed that tomorrow and Friday are normal and I'm not shaping up for a five-episode functionality roller-coaster.)  In the inverse of yesterday, I went to bed at midnight, and woke up a little past 3am.  I tried for about two hours to go back to sleep, then gave up and went to my office. There, in no particular order, I watched two episodes of Supernatural, caught up on my webcomics, wrote 93 WriMo words, and read about half of the content on this cool new online speculative fiction journal, Holdfast, which will be the topic of almost all of this post.

Holdfast (the interesting part.  Read this bit!)


They're going to focus on a different theme in spec fic every issue -- this issue's theme is "Speculating about speculative women," and my favorite content came from two of their to-be-regular pieces, "A letter to..." and "Unbelievers," respectively a letter from a fan to someone important to them in spec fic, and a pair of reviews of a book, by the journal's editors and an outside critic with a history of skepticism towards speculative fiction.

The letter was to Tamora Pierce, who writes books about girls who are heroes in the world of Tortal.  She might write about other stuff, too, I'm not sure.  I know about that part because her books were very important to my partner in her childhood, so we've been reading them together lately.  They are awesome.  So far we've read all four Song of the Lioness books, and are on the third Wild Magic book.

The Unbelievers was about a book called Tender Morsels, which I haven't read, and the eponymous critic (whose real name is Eric Randolph this issue) was not impressed.  I thought it was pretty cool that this feature led in with a fail, it makes me excited about the hypothetical future in which they make a convert.  (Hopefully with a book I already know and love!)

I've added all four of the Nonfiction articles form this issue saved to my Pocket, but I haven't had time to read any of them yet.

I can't tell if there is, or if there's going to be, any way to link to past issues, but right now there's only one issue up, and there doesn't seem to be a permalink to the Issue 1 portal.  So maybe they don't plan on keeping a running archive?  Just in case, check out all the great content!  Quick!

Back to my life

I seriously considered not going to school today.  I just wanted to go to sleep by the time the sun had come up, but there were too many important things:  the GSA officer meeting, an appointment with my academic adviser, Bio lab... so I dragged myself in, and I'm pretty glad I did.  For all that school was exhausting, it's also an important part of my life and being there and seeing people is rejuvenating.

After school, after about an hour-long break at home, I went to work, where at the end of the night I experienced the opposite problem I had yesterday:  I got cocky, overestimated the speed with which I'd be able to handle a much smaller pile of books, and ended up taking an hour doing what I thought would only take a half hour.  Maybe it was just a more difficult pile, maybe it was my exhaustion, or maybe it was the lack of panicked urgency.

I'm not sure how WriMo's going to go tonight.  I intend to be in bed at midnight, no matter what, and I've still only got those 93 words written, and I don't really know what happens next.

Oh well.  Wish me luck.  (Please.  I'm begging you.)