Happy Labor Day

I'm not here right now.

I mean that I'm not at home, at my computer, when this post is going up, and that I'm not writing this post directly before it goes up.  Instead, I am writing a day in advance, because I am working open-to-close at my place of employment, a 10-12 hour shift.

Happy Labor Day!

I'm just a little bit bitter.

That said, after today I'm down to just weekends, right in time for full-time school work. (My books cost like $600.) I'm committed to actually doing all the readings this semester -- as opposed to last semester, when I didn't even buy any of the books.  So I'm looking forward to about 8 hours a day on schoolwork, plus blogging, writing, extracurriculars, and my job.

Holidays like this one bum me out -- mainly for cultural/narrative reasons I can't do justice to on my phone. But to everyone who has the day off: have a great Labor Day. And to everyone who doesn't, because they're too poor or can't risk pissing off their employer: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.