Got to use a camera today

So, good cameras cost like 5 or 6 hundred dollars. I've wanted one for years, but I've never got one -- because I don't strictly need one professionally, and because I honestly don't think I'm going to end up investing the amount of time into a hobby that feels like it justifies that size of a purchase. Still, I really like using cameras, and today for work I got to borrow one to take some photos.

My therapist has pointed out that as a coping mechanism for things I'm upset about, I identify the systematic problems in American government and cultural structure and imagine versions of reality where my problems don't exist for anybody.

So it's easy to come up with scenarios in which I'd get to use a camera more often. I could have access to a resource sharing art group that had cameras I could check out regularly. The economy could be set up in a way that didn't incentivize proprietary technologies and non-compatible devices, so that the prices of technologies drove down faster and I could afford a good camera. I could have decided to go to art school after high school. That probably would have been a good idea.

Still, I'm grateful to now be in an environment where I'm probably going to get to play with cameras some more.