Got Google Inbox today

You know what my favorite thing in the world is, right at this second? A picture of a blue sky, with a cartoon yellow sun in the middle.

You want to know why?

Because that's what shows up in Google Inbox when all -- all -- of your emails are cleared from it.

I haven't explored Inbox very much yet, but I've had it for a half an hour and I can look at a clean inbox when I open my phone. The main reason is the snooze feature -- which is something I've been dying to have on my email for ages now. It allows me to kick a message out of my inbox, and have it pop up again later when I actually need to deal with it. So, instead of leaving the thread establishing a meeting with one of my former teachers on Friday of next week to sit there for 9 days taking up space and making me anxious, I can set it to go away, then come back next Thursday, with a helpful notification -- now, not only is it out of the way the whole time leading up to the event, but the reminder actually serves its purpose, because I won't have gotten used to glancing past it to avoid stressing myself out.