Getting a website for my federally-approved identity

I registered a domain for my federally-approved name today, and I've run into a web design dilemma I've never had to face before: how do I actually want to present myself to the internet as a professional person?

I mean, like, here it's easy, because I know I want to present myself pretty close to as-I-am: writing about stuff I care about, with my real name, and fun and exciting backgrounds made of paisley. But what goes on the website that's just going to have, like, links to the news stories I've done? Instructions on contacting me for freelance editing? What goes on the website that I wouldn't mind my relatives checking?

I spent most of the afternoon today struggling with the color scheme.

I started by going for "I am a willing cog in the capitalist machine, and would like to sell you my intellectual labor so you can profit off it," but I ended up with a design that looked like caution-tape.

After that I went for "I am a soft and cuddly person whose political views by no means condemn half of what you stand for," but I ended up using too many shades of peach and it looked like a website promoting locally-sourced organic sorbet.

Attempt number three was "I am a generic informational website," but I got like 10 minutes into that one before getting frustrated and giving up.

It's hard to think about how I want to appear professionally without feeling the glow of an imaginary neon sign that says "Your personality is inappropriate for the workplace," so I don't know how to work it out so that my fed-approved name website gives an authentic picture of me, without being, y'know, my Tumblr.

Top post there, at time of publication: