Games, collapsing and otherwise

I am in a gaming slump right now. Part 1: Minecraft.

I've been playing in the latest Minecraft release, 1.6.2, and it's been a great time, but I've pretty much run out of stuff I want to do.  I think the major problem is that I just don't have a very good world... There aren't great resources near me, the nearest fortress in the Nether is really far away, and the world on the earthside of that fortress is under an ocean.

Part 2: Dungeons and Dragons

The character I've been playing in the D&D game I'm in just died.  I really liked that character -- who was a half-elf nongendered rogue whose major character motivation was hacking xir own body with various magical objects and chemicals -- and now that xe died, I'm not really super excited about that game anymore.  The DM does a player rotation, so I opted to go to the back of the line, figuring after some distance I'll enjoy that world again, but for now I feel like I wouldn't have fun.

Part 3:  Minecraft, Dungeons, and (Dragons?)

I have come up with a solution:  I'm going to run my own D&D game.  I have nothing against my DM's game style, which is, like, Game of Thrones level seriousness, but I feel like I need something lighter here and there too, and I suspect there are other players in his game who wouldn't mind that kind of break, too.  So, I'm going to run my own game, and it's going to be much, much more lighthearted.

The setting I've been scratching together is called "The Gentle Siege" -- six factions are fighting for control of a city whose governorship has come into question, but they've all basically agreed not to actually start shedding blood in the streets.  As a result, there are six governors all trying to run a city, and hiring adventurers through various intermediaries to do the adventures that need doing in and around the city.

The players will always have a home to return to, will always get down-time, never have to become too emotionally invested in the ethics of their adventures (though a little roleplaying wouldn't go amiss), and, vitally, nobody's going to die.  If a player is bested in a dungeon, they're out for the game, but they're going to white out and show up in the medic tent at the city, like in Pokemon.

And, on the topic of Minecraft, I'm going to open up a Creative world and start building my city!

Hopefully this will solve everything.