Filming pirate fights on the beach

That friend I mentioned that one time and I have been working on that music video for They Might Be Giants's song, Erase. Today, we spent a few hours at the beach, filming shots of the two of us having a sword fight. First of all: the weather today was amazing. If I were inclined to believe in metaphysical powers controlling the weather, I would believe we were definitely going to win this contest, because some higher power made our pirate filming day beautiful. It was a wonderful day to go to the beach, and filming was a blast.

Second: filming for a sword fight in a music video is really different than actually having a sword fight. We basically only have like four shots of us actually swinging the swords at each other. Which is fine, it's all we need, but it was funny to be doing the same couple sword moves over and over again trying to get the best possible take.

Third: running around on the beach is exhausting. I am tired. Good night.