Externalized brain

Not going to cover anything groundbreaking here, but I've been thinking about the way we use technology to externalize our thoughts. I started listening to the Lifehacker podcast on its last episode, it turns out. It was long -- like two hours -- and there was a lot in it that I really enjoyed.  They talked about their favorite articles and topics and tips from the history of Lifehacker, and one of the things they talked about was note-taking apps.

One of them, I don't know any of their names, said that Evernote was the best system she was aware of, but that you have to use it right.  That it's not just a note-taking app, it's a way to externalize huge chunks of your brain. I have no idea how you're supposed to go about doing that, but apparently Evernote is very well set up to organize and interrelate materials so that, if you dump everything you can possibly think of into your evernote account, you can use it to navigate your own thoughts.

I haven't used Evernote in a very long time.  Right now, I've been using Google Keep. I have about 60 notes on there now -- I used it to take notes in classes last semester, and now it's mostly story ideas and half-formed scripts for the vlog I might some day start.  In the last week or so, I've been checking it when I can't come up with stuff to blog about, and it has, actually, helped with that a bit.

Houses are like great big turtle shells, and clothes are like fur and extra hands to hold things. Cell phones are like ears and cameras are like eyes and computers are like having another brain on the outside.

There's a lot about the world I live in that I really like.