Dominion: more thoughts, and the online game

I mentioned before that I've been playing Dominion, which is a card based strategy game.  I've continued to play it a lot since then -- on Sunday night[1. I think. I have a terrible internal calendar.] I stayed up till 2 a.m. in Denny's playing with friends, and I brought it to New Year's last night where I played my first five-player game.[2. The game is set up for two to four players, but if you have more than one set that includes the base cards (for example, the original game and the Intrigue expansion) you can combine them in appropriate proportions to make the game playable for five or six players.  Any more than that and the creators strongly recommend that you just split up and play two separate games.]  This morning, I woke up and played the online Dominion game for about an hour and a half, and this afternoon I'm going to introduce some of my other friends to the game before work. I said in my previous post that I couldn't explain what made Dominion so great, apart from a general statement that it's really well-balanced and enables a lot of styles of play.  Since then, I've noticed another thing that makes the game a lot of fun:  You can't target specific other players.

While you can interfere with the other players in the game, if you choose to play with the cards that enable that sort of thing, all such interference is either decided arbitrarily (you can affect the player on your left, generally) or universally (each other player responds in the same way to most attack cards).  That means that even if you're playing with some kind of mean people, they can't gang up on someone they don't like, or form alliances against the spirit of the game.

There is, apparently, a way to play with other people online, rather than just bots.  My username is T.X. Watson, and I've got no idea how to set that up but if anybody wants to play with me I'm willing to figure it out.