Dinner in the new apartment!

  This isn't our first dinner in the new apartment, and it's not the first one we made, but it's the first at-all complicated one, I think. We made stir-fry with a bag of pre-mixed vegetables, tofu, and rice. A total of three of Caitlin's fancy new pots and pans going at once, at the peak of the cooking.dinner


One of the things I was most looking forward to in having a space outside my parents' house was getting a kitchen to cook in, where there was never any risk that I'd have to have unpleasant conversations I wanted to avoid, or give my nephew Minecraft advice when I needed to focus,[I like my nephew and I like talking to him about Minecraft, but, obviously, because he's a child, he has neither the awareness to notice when I need my attention elsewhere, nor the perspective to imagine a future in which I help him after I finish the stuff I'm doing.] or just ever be in the same room as my brother, for any reason.

It was exciting to get to cook just with Caitlin, and I'm looking forward to doing it again, many times, in the future.

(Also, tips on tofu and curry sauce would be gratefully received. It wasn't bad, but compared to restaurant tofu we've got room for improvement.)