Dialects! The results of a huge survey of America on basically all the words

(via Hank Green) Business Insider has published an article called 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other.  They pulled some of the most interesting results from this study, showing some of the strongest and most notable divides in word choice and pronunciation throughout the country.

If you're from America, I recommend going through and trying some of the differences in pronunciation.  They feel weird in your mouth, I promise.

The setting that I think I'll find most useful, though, is on the survey page itself, where you can display individual cities -- way more individual cities than I expected.  My home town, of about 30,000 people, is on the list.  And, since I don't want to show a map pointing out exactly where I live, here's an image showing Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where they disagree about the pronunciation of one or more of the words: roof, room, broom, and/or root, with the rest of the country.

saint cloud minnesota

This, I expect, will be useful in many arguments with my parents, who were born and raised about a half an hour south of where they raised me, and therefore bitterly disagree with me about the correct pronunciation of many words.  (It may hurt me in some of those arguments, though, with words I pronounce in either the British way or in a more generic, pan-American accent, because I dislike the way New Englanders say some stuff.)

NOTE: This post was written on 2013-06-08, but scheduled in advance, because I've started to notice that my work schedule is heavy enough to prohibit regular blogging.  I'm going to try to start scheduling posts to fill up days in which I won't be writing directly.