Decades of TV: an elaborate conspiracy?

I think one of the easiest ways to dismiss everything going on with the NSA right now is to remind yourself that this all sounds like something out of a kind of paranoid cartoon.  I remember seeing a screencap of an episode of King of the Hill, shortly after the leaks started, in which Dale Gribble answers his phone, saying "You've reached Dale Gribble, you do not have permission to record this conversation."  Or something like that. Anyway, here, via the Guardian, is a list of TV shows and movies that made claims about the NSA that turned out to be, pretty much, true.

Now, I'm not saying the NSA has been planting those jokes for decades to make the reality seem implausible... actually, I'm not.  For real.  It's just funny that so many showrunners can sit back right now smirking and shout "Called it!" over the phone, trusting that the message will get back to the NSA.