Darren Wilson was not indicted

I haven't really got much to say tonight. I'm furious. I am obviously, by an unimaginably large margin, not the most furious, nor the most justified in being furious. Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown, and was put on paid leave, and the police and national guard violently suppressed peaceful protests against the Ferguson PD's complete failure to take any steps against Wilson for his criminal behavior. After over three months, a grand jury agreed that Wilson had done nothing wrong -- to such an absolute level of certainty that they wouldn't even proceed with a trial.

I really hope I don't have to talk to anybody at work for the next few days because vitriolic anti-cop rants are going to make up like 70 percent of my conversations for a while.

Fuck the police, fuck the national guard, fuck Missouri governor Jay Nixon, fuck Darren Wilson, and fuck the USA.