Covered in bees

Not me. My car. This afternoon, my car was, for some reason, covered in bees. Probably 25-50 of them. I really wish I had taken photos. I nearly called out of work today, because my car was covered in bees. I'm scared of bees. I'm scared of most bugs, honestly, especially any that have caused me pain. The bees on my car didn't seem overtly hostile, but they weren't inanimate. They reacted to my presence. They moved around.

I was late to work. I had to go and get my partner to help. I had no idea what I expected her to do, honestly. The solution she came up with was to get in the car herself (she is much braver than I am in many ways) and drive it around the parking lot until most of the bees had come off. I was able to brave the last three or so, which came off on the highway.

I'm pretty sure none made it into the car.

I think they were there for shade -- my car and the car next to mine were both covered, and they were both in the shade of a large tree. I parked very much in the middle of the parking lot at work, away from trees. Still, I'm a bit afraid that when I go out to my car, it's going to be covered in bees.

Unrelated but Charles Stross recently held a competition on his blog, the winners of which (there would be 5) would receive a signed copy of his new book, The Rhesus Chart. The competition began and ended weeks ago, and was in no way related to any of today's events.

The object of the competition was to come up with a reason for a disciplinary hearing at The Laundry, the UK's supernatural secret service. I was one of the winners -- number two, in fact. My entry was:

Unacceptable number of bees.