Cork stuff (for example, wallets)

It's way past time I start posting here again. I need a new wallet. I've needed a new wallet for about a year now -- I'm bad at replacing things when they're still barely functional. So I went to Walmart this morning to look at their wallets, but their wallets all suck. So I looked online, and poked around for like an hour, and I found one I really liked.

This is a cork wallet, from Corkor, a company in Portugal that makes things out of cork. I should be getting mine in 5 to 15 days.

I don't have the wallet yet, so I don't know how well it's going to work out in practice, but it looks promising. And I really like the idea of cork products -- it's a renewable, carbon-negative[1. In that producing it means growing bark on a tree, a process that removes carbon from the atmosphere. I think that there isn't an intrinsic part of the process that subsequently emits more carbon than is sequestered in the wallet, but I don't know.] resource, it's grown in Spain and Portugal, where the company is located, so I think it's safe to assume there's minimal shipping involved in the creation process, and there are no animals in it. (The idea of getting a leather wallet kind of feels squicky.)

I'm not super happy about the fact that it's labeled as a "men's" wallet, though.

Some light googling didn't turn up any reports that cork is actually an incredibly problematic product, though that's something I think I want to do some digging about, later. And it looks cool.

[warning]I found these wallets on Amazon at first, but they cost on average $10 more than the corresponding wallet on Corkor's website, claim to be 50% off a much higher, fabricated price, and charge for shipping, which is listed as taking about three times as long as Corkor takes. I'm pretty sure it's just some asshat taking orders on Amazon, then buying the wallets from Corkor and passing them along once they get them.[/warning]