Community season 6

Okay, first thing: I'm super disappointed that in s6e1 Abed hung a lampshade on the fact that his girlfriend is missing from the plot so far. That was easily my favorite story arc originating in Season 4. Alright. Moving on.

I like the new episodes of Community. If you're a fan of the show, it's worth sitting through Yahoo's obnoxiously long sets of ads and weirdly buggy streaming app.[1. To be totally fair, it's possible that the bugs were my internet connection or my computer. But I would not be surprised to hear that other people are also having problems with the app unexpectedly starting the video at the beginning again or going back to episode 1 from the middle of episode 2.]

Four of the seven original group members remain, for anyone keeping track: Jeff, Britta, Annie and Abed are still there. (And Chang is apparently part of the group now?) Pierce has been gone since the end of Season 4, Troy left 5 episodes into season 5, and Shirley didn't return for season 6. Also, Professor Hickey from season 5 is gone, and there has been literally no mention at all of his absence.[2. Nor of the eccentric computer programmer living in the school's basement from the last episode of season 5.] [3. Or the meteor.] [4. There are a lot of loose threads, I guess we can't expect them to tie them all up.]

As for the new cast: Frankie is great. I love her character and her plot lines so far. I'm looking forward to spending way too much time thinking about the similarities and differences between her role on the show and what Shirley's role was. And Annie's. And Abed's. Elroy seems good, but he wasn't really very much in the new episode -- we got his introduction, but not very much character development. (And Chang is apparently part of the group now?)

I have more thoughts, but my brain is kind of fuzzed over right now and I don't think that's going to go away until after midterms.

New episodes of Community are apparently going to come out every Tuesday on Yahoo Screen, here.