Commentary on blame for systemic problems in solarpunk

Reposting from my Solarpunk blog, a comment on a Tumblr post linking to a story about the harm of sedentary office jobs:


Office workers need to get off their backsides and move around more, according to a new campaign.

capitalism will kill you and blame you for dying

Reblogging for that comment. Solarpunk (as I see it) acknowledges the many subtle harms of the civilization we live in, but it also takes into account the realities of circumstance that put people in the position of suffering, or causing, those harms.

Some solarpunks might be upper-middle-class folks who can afford to make make a lot of careful choices, some solarpunks might be homeless, jobless folks who have no options other than the counterculture community that will take them in. And folks anywhere along the economic spectrum could take up any degree of interest.

But for those who don’t — for those who work for harmful systems, who suffer harm because they engage with those systems — solarpunk as I see it knows who to blame, and it isn’t those people who suffer harm because they suffer from limited options.