Coming up with a new business card

I haven't actually run out of business cards from my last batch, but the previous ones no longer contain all the information I want them to, and they contain some stuff I don't want on them. For example, they have my personal phone number, they don't have any description of my skills, and they feature the phrase "I know what I'm doing, I swear," which seemed like a better idea when (a.) the main purpose of the cards was to give my contact information to friends and social acquaintances, and (b.) nobody had actually paid me to do professional writing work. The copies I was actually using the last time I felt like they were worthwhile had the phone number blacked out, my finishing stamp stamped onto the corner, and the url of my Tumblr written in red ink. At least one copy also featured the text "Copy editing, proofreading & English tutoring," in different red ink.

Some of these elements are going to make it into the next draft of my business card. After all, it's still going to be the card I'm using under this name, and I'm going to ask about getting company business cards with the newspaper for my other name. That seems like a fairly comfortable separation.