Coming This September! (A housekeeping update)

My summer employment is winding down, and the school year is about to start.  So, it's time for some new rules!

The Schedule.

This summer, I've been working on a mostly blog-if-you-can kind of regimen, where I write something every time I have a day off.  It's nice in practice, but it bugs me in theory.  I'm not going to have 12-hour weekdays on my feet anymore, so it's time to head back into the nice, orderly world of strict blogging requirements.

So, starting tomorrow, I will be writing 500 words a day, every Weekday (Monday-Friday).

The Content.

I'm going to try and stay more on top of what's going on in the world, around me and around everywhere else.  I realize that basically nobody is using my blog as a significant news source, but attempting to write out my opinions on things helps me work through them in a more coherent manner -- and then I have a place to refer people for my thoughts when I get in an argument about current events.  (That happens a lot at school.)

I also want to keep up with my book reviews, and may be posting some of the work I do for my school paper, depending on how much I like it, and how relevant it is to the rest of the world.

And I'm thinking about disabling comments, since nobody uses them so they're just a pain in the butt attracting spammers. Also other reasons.

The Other Stuff.

I'm also going to buckle down pretty hard on short stories, starting today.  I've got to get some good pieces ready for the Clarion and Clarion West applications this year, and I only have until December.  (And I still don't know whether you can send the same ones to both.)