christmas stuff and stuff

Wow, my blog was super patchy last year. Apparently I didn't have a Christmas post. Further back than that extends beyond the border of my blog's untimely death, and I can't really remember anything about what I've done on Christmas apart from being pretty sure I used the words "Bah humbug." Today actually wasn't that bad a day. I saw my family for a little bit, but not long enough to get in any fights, I got to work, which meant I actually had something to do with the massive chunk of time during which all the TVs are playing crummy specials and none of the stores are open and it's like the douchiest possible thing to do to go to any of the stores that are open. And working on a newspaper is, apparently, pretty un-demanding on Christmas. I wouldn't have guessed that.

I also did a lot of chatting with friends who are also happy -- or at least not actively pissed off -- to interact with people other than their families on Christmas. And good things have come of those conversations, including one fun new project.

As for the bad stuff: well, the biggest one, which overshadows all the others, is that I made terrible decisions about food all morning and felt like death for the first several hours of my shift. And my car's doing unpleasant things again.

Anyway, that's all I've got for Christmas. (Which I just said about the longest post I've written this week.) Good night everyone, and Happy Halloween.