Catching up on the internet!

For the past few weeks I've been spending a lot of time on Tumblr on my phone, and not much on my computer.  I don't like watching videos on my phone, and I generally can't, anyway, because I'm at work or school and I lost my headphones. So I've been liking posts that I really want to find again, so I can watch videos and stuff, because I'm concerned that if I just start reblogging things without watching them I'll be spreading secretly douchey or awful content.

So, right now, I'm going to get started on watching and listening to the stuff I missed.

They by Tom Milsom, via Liam Dryden

I <3 Tom Milsom so much. (edit 2015-05-06: removing links to Tom Milsom on my blog, because I remembered they existed, and because he's a sexual predator and I don't want to support his music.)

Bisexuality on TV: It's Getting Better, by Casey Quinlan, on The Atlantic, via Upworthy.

I love Upworthy links that don't lead to Upworthy.  (Okay I like your content but goddammit your tumblr is annoying.)

The article itself is pretty good.  It's not, like, engaging in a narrative sense, but it's an awesome status report, containing lots of relevant information in an organized way.

Russell Brand on politics, via Upworthy (titled A British Comic's Brilliant Reason to Stop Voting Just Went Viral.)

This video kinda makes me wish there was a mechanism in our government that ejects the entire government if not enough qualified people vote.

Lots of good and interesting points, too.

Still gonna vote, though, because in the US there's not just the fight between oligarchy and revolution, there's also stuff like women's reproductive rights and access to food.

Songs for Unusual Creatures, via Mike Rugnetta

That was silly and interesting.  I will subscribe to it in case I have enough free time when videos start coming out.

BNV 2013 Finals Round #4 , via Vondell Swain

That was cool.

A Vampire is a Flexible Metaphor: An Interview with Kelly Link by Meghan McCarron, via Holly Black

I <3 Kelly Link, too.  And I am now surprisingly really interested in watching the Vampire Diaries.  Favorite line: Link quoting a friend, "you can't read killing someone as killing someone in The Vampire Diaries. You need to read it more like a bitchy slap."

Social Dysphoria: The Game, via Craterchest

I got to the third level, then voluntarily died.  It only lets you pick male or female at the start, so I'm not sure I got the full effect.  Still, it's cool that there's a game to help show people how much it sucks to be misgendered.

A clip from Gravity Falls, via Liam Dryden

That was weird.


There are a few more videos in there that I haven't gotten to yet, mostly because they're over 15 minutes long.  They will have to wait until a day when I have some more free time.  But, since I don't want to have to hunt through my tumblr likes to find them, here's all the links, right now!

Watching the Jay Smooth video now, but I may not finish it right away.