car accident

Got in a car accident this weekend. It was my fault. My car is damaged for a few hundred dollars' worth of repair and discovered when the cop showed up to write the report that my driver's license was expired. (Apparently they expire on your birthday, not just in the same month.) You know when you're in a car with someone, and they say "Go left," and you hear the word left, and you look at the road ahead of you, and see the direction called "Right," and your brain's like "Yeah, that's what left is?"

My brain did that on Saturday with a red light.

Nobody was injured, and the damage looked minimal.I also wasn't ticketed for the light or the license.

In other news, I passed the College Mathematics CLEP test -- with a 57 (50 is passing; max is 80) -- so I never have to take math again, in my life, ever. It's over. After all of high school, and after putting it off for five years in college, in one day I completed the remainder of my lifetime obligation to learn math.

Damn, I wish that had been the biggest event of the week.

Fucking cars.