bulleted lists and footnotes

I use a lot of bulleted lists in my non-fiction writing. Like, I use bulleted lists in almost all of my blog posts, and in essays at school. It only just occurred to me, though, that that's an element of my writing style. There are certain thresholds that I know I pass in my mind when I'm writing. For lists, I could probably make a flowchart. If: less than three items, in paragraph. If not, if items follow a specific logical flow, in paragraph. If not, if items can be clearly organized by importance or sequence or chronology or just that they have corresponding numbers, numbered list. If not, bulleted list.

I have a similar sequence for footnotes. Roughly, the shortest asides are separated by commas. Next up, em dashes. Parentheses for long asides or asides more tangential than the dashes imply. Footnotes for asides that become their own complete points, but would derail the piece to address in-text, or for extremely tangential asides.

I think I'm gonna try using bulleted lists more in my fiction writing, too. Just to try it out.