It was so hot out today.  Like, so hot.  I'm not sure how well everybody else in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts weathered it, but I was out in just a t-shirt and pants (far fewer layers than normal) and it was physically difficult for me to get from one place to another.  I spent a total of five minutes outside at once today. And it was bright, too -- during the aforementioned five minutes, I couldn't even see.  When I got back inside, my eyesight was so dimmed from the effort to adjust, I couldn't see in there, either.  It was like all the lights had been turned off, and the walls had been made fuzzy.

As might be obvious, I can't think of anything much to blog about today.  There was a documentary I was going to share, linked on Boing Boing, but I only got about halfway through it before I had to go to class.  I will probably finish it tomorrow.  It's called LEAKED: The Internet Must Go, and it's a mockumentary about a lobbyist who's trying to drum up public support for ending net neutrality so the major corporations can make the internet more like Cable TV.

I also started listening to a new They Might Be Giants album today, their fifth studio album John Henry, but (though I did get to one of my favorite of their songs "No One Knows My Plan,") I haven't gotten all the way through one listen yet so I don't feel comfortable commenting.

So... I guess that's it for today.  There's a documentary there for you, and I recommend about the first half of John Henry and assume I'd recommend the other half if I get around to it.