a thing that happened today

I used to have a really good pocket knife sharpener. It was a yellow plastic disc, with two notches in it. One had a pair of carbide knife sharpeners in it, in a V shape, so you could drag the knife straight through it and get the right angle for a good edge. The other side was the same, but with ceramic sharpeners for refining the edge. My mother really liked that sharpener, too. It was good for kitchen knives. So she'd borrow it sometimes.

Anyway, a while ago I lost it. I say I lost it because I figure my mom would have been less concerned about it being missing if she had absconded with it.

Today on the way home from work, I stopped at the Army Barracks to buy two new ones -- one for me, and one for her. Unfortunately they were sold out. Disappointed, I went back to my parents' house to pack up Caitlin's computer, and while I was there I told my mom about it.

Turns out, they were sold out because she went down there this morning and bought the last one. She had planned on getting two and giving me one, but since that wasn't possible she just got one for herself.

(She did offer to let me have that one and try again later, but I declined. Instead I sharpened my pocket knife on hers to hold me over until they restock. My knife was getting dangerously dull -- like, the night before it had slipped on packing tape.)