99 Percent Invisible on TED: Flag design

Have you seen 99 Percent Invisible host Roman Mars's TED talk? It's great. He basically re-performs an episode of his podcast, and he picked a great one to do visually: the episode on city flags.


Mars recommends checking out your home city's flag and seeing if it could use improvement, which sounded like fun. My home town doesn't have a flag to re-make, but I was in Worcester, Mass. last night when I watched it the second time, and their flag is terrible -- so my  friend and I did some brainstorming. Here's Worcester's current flag:


And here's what we came up with:



By the way, since the talk came out Roman Mars has teamed up with Autodesk to run a campaign to replace San Francisco's awful state flag. It's at sanfranciscoflag.com.