Arisia 2018 was great!

Hey everyone who found this site because I met you at Arisia -- welcome! If you're looking for info on how to buy shares of ownership in my soul, here's a link to the page you're looking for. I've updated it to have an in-person shipping option, which means if you live in the Amherst area or are planning to come to the gallery show and want to pre-order, but don't want to pay the (admittedly expensive) shipping rates for getting USPS to safely transport artwork, you can pick that one and get in touch with me about arranging a meeting.

I had an amazing time this weekend. Regrettably I had to go home before the Monday sessions, so if I missed you today because of that I'm sorry. But feel free to get in touch! (Seriously I don't think I met anybody this weekend I wouldn't want to hear from? Which is really a lucky outcome. Y'all're great.)

My next convention is Readercon, in Quincy, where I hope I'll see some of you, and in the meantime you can check here, or my Twitter (@txwatson) Instagram (@txwatson) or Tumblr (@txwatson) to stay updated.