Wall of text

I'm in a commandeered classroom at my college, where I've filled a whiteboard with about 100 to-do list tasks across 23 categories, one of which is "Everything else." (I ran out of space, to be honest.)

A big part of this was getting everything out of my head and onto a board so that I could stop panicking quite so much, and many of these categories don't have anything I need to be worried about within the next week -- which is something that's easy to see when they're laid out in front of you, but not necessarily easy to remember when you've got the whole thing in your head.

wall of text.png

I've got one category checked off already, did the things I needed to do today and the rest of it doesn't need to resolve until November. Today's blog post is another one, so it's about to be two categories.

But there are also sections -- like grant applications -- that are just waiting to balloon out into a whiteboard all by themselves. And for that to be remotely feasible for me to handle, I really need to knock out all these smaller things that should probably take about an hour, but spread across the swamp of my disordered brain wind up being the only things I get done for days.