Pun & rhyme: a conceptual problem

This is a big topic and I am not in the headspace for it, but also I'm definitely going to pass out soon and I can think of literally nothing else to talk about.

You know how some words rhyme? And how some words sound like other words? And how just the physical, phonetic shape of words can suggest relationships to other words, regardless of the meaning those words carry?

That's a big deal. The ability to rhyme two concepts makes the connection between them more memorable. Same with puns. It's an argument in favor of a point that comes for free, because first of all there's usually nothing about any given two words that make for a good rhyme that actually suggests they're fundamentally connected, and secondly even if they do have an etymological link that link could be based on the errors and prejudices of past civilizations. Probably is, in fact.

These linkages limit our thinking, confining the possibility space of applications of concepts not by strictly blocking any paths off, but by grabbing you by the hand and dragging you down the most grammatically obvious link.

I wonder frequently what kind of insights we're missing just because the best way to phrase them is grotesque or uncomfortable? Just, like, hard to read, hard to write, hard to share?