Looking for people to hire me to art

(original post on my art tumblr)

Hey y'all, I’m broke!

But, like, more than usual. It’s reached the point where my fear of the consequences of continuing to not get hired for freelance work exceeds my fear of the consequences of asking my social sphere to pay me for stuff, or to signal boost the ask.

So I’m opening up for commissions! (I mean, technically I’ve been open to commissions for a long time but I’m p sure nobody has ever clicked on the “hire me” link on my website but me.)

Hit “Read more” for details, and please share if you feel comfortable doing so.


  • $10 for a single figure, in line art or monochrome
  • $20 for a single figure, flat colors or painterly
  • $30 for basic graphic design (and I’m happy to discuss prices for larger or more in-depth brand work)
  • Starting at $40 for full scene painting, tell me what you’re looking for and we can work out the price.

I work mainly in Clip Studio Paint Pro, but I also own and am comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator. And also like most of the Adobe Suite but they’re not all super relevant here.

If you’re interested, email me at watson@txwatson.com

No categories of squick currently published but I reserve the right to turn down any commission. (I promise not to be an asshole about it if I do.)

Links to those of the pieces in the above images that I’ve published:

“A second apple in as many days” [video]
“Question mark”
“Landscape Embodied”