Thinking about videos?

Ok so I've been making so much more stuff in Premiere since I got my new laptop -- Like, I've just been doing screen capture and making instagram videos whenever I'm doodling. (Only two of them have wound up going up so far, because they're the ones I liked after the fact.)

And I've got a bunch of arguments I want to formally, structurally make before I go to Readercon, and I've been watching a ton of video essays.

So I'm thinking, on top of my vlog, I want to try and make a few video essays this summer. Y'know, put more than 6 hours into a video now and again, see what I can do with a serious script, some animating, less talking-at-the-camera.

I've been hesitating in doing more serious videos, anyway, because I don't want to throw them into the continuity with the slush videos I make for my vlog. I like making my vlog and I'm proud of it, but it's not polished the way I'd want these videos to be, and I'd like to make that distinction visible on my channel. I also don't want to break up the continuity of my vlog, so I think possibly when I'm working on an episode like this my vlog will be some behind-the-scenes stuff occasionally.