Darkest Dungeon: "Retain"

I started over my current Darkest Dungeon game for the fourth time, earlier this afternoon. The reason is I had a character on Death's Door, taking bleeding damage, at the end of a fight. I was going to camp in the next room (which was scouted ahead and definitely empty) so I figured I'd get it there. I took one step, he took bleeding damage, and he died.

I'm trying to make it through a game of Darkest Dungeon without losing Reynauld or Dismas. 

It's one of the possible achievements, and it's very difficult. So far I've lost them both in a party wipe, lost Dismas in a more-or-less expected way, restarted after the first quest because Reynauld's Kleptomania trait locked in and I am not doing a whole game with that, and lost Reynauld to bleeding, as I detailed above.

Heading back in to finish the first dungeon again. Fingers crossed that neither of them get any negative traits locked.

UPDATE: Both of Reynauld's negative traits locked in. On to "Retain the Sixth."