To be more than human.....

I have a long essay to write today and I was about to start complaining in that document about how I don't feel up to writing right now. But I have a blog, which is a more appropriate place for that complaining, and if I do the complaining here then I don't have to worry about blogging later. (Plus, I've been doing an AWFUL job of keeping this blog up to date.)

I'm writing an essay about posthumanism and existentialism, and I'm trying really hard to find an origin more definite for the line "To be more than human is to be human" than this Dresden Codak page, but the best I can find is that Theodore Sturgeon wrote a book called More than Human. It seems too much like a line to just be something Diaz came up with for this strip, but it only gets eight hits on Google.

The temptation toward snark is heavy today, too. The piece I'm writing is going to heavily discuss the normative factions within posthumanist communities, as they relate to Sartre's assertion in "Existentialism is a Humanism" that "When ... man chooses himself, ... he chooses for all men." This represents a sharp dig into the problems both with existentialism and with those factions of posthumanism.

I'm thirsty and itchy and generally uncomfortable today. My room isn't as clean as I'd like it to be, and I've got a nagging anxiety about the summer that's getting worse as the 21st draws closer. I regret not writing this earlier this week, and I feel the gravity of the tasks I have left to complete before the end of the semester -- more so because I'm behind on my bullet journal update so those tasks don't have a place to live other than clinging to the skin of my consciousness.

And I don't have a conclusion for this post, which is discouraging toward the broader hope of writing conclusions in general today.