My bullet journal -- an actual post.

WOW I forgot about blogging again today. I really need to get that bullet journal transition done.

I've mentioned my bullet journal a couple times before, but I've never really talked about bullet journaling, I think. So I'm going to do that here, because 1:30 a.m. is a good time to dig into my life organizing systems, including the ones I'm totally failing to keep up with.

Bullet journaling is a strategy for organizing a notebook so that you can, as you're using it, just dump anything you could possibly need to write down into the next available space, but, when you're referencing it later, it's organized enough that you can find anything in it fluidly when you need to.

A bullet journal is organized into modules: the book starts with an index, which is a few pages set aside for writing down the locations of all the other pages. Then, usually, there's a future log, a monthly log, and daily logs. I never really use the future log so I'm leaving it out of my next one; the monthly log is a list of all the days in the month and the events on them. I don't use that one much, either. Maybe I should have skipped it, because I generally go digital when it comes to planning out past a couple days.

And the daily logs I use constantly. These are lists of events, tasks, and notes that you maintain throughout the day, with a simple set of symbols for encoding whether you've completed, cancelled, or rescheduled a task. My symbols have gotten a little complicated -- one of the great things about bullet journaling is that you can start to develop your own nuances, which are easy to keep track of because they emerge from your needs and your understanding of the logic the symbols represent.

Beyond that -- every time you have anything that needs writing down, you just turn to the next blank spread, slap a title on it, and use the pages. That way everything stays neatly in the same notebook, which means you have it when you need it, and you don't have to perform a meta-organizational exercise when you're just trying to jot down some interesting notes at a lecture or something.

So, that's the thing without which I've been forgetting to blog this week. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have finished setting up the new one, and I'll have my feet under me again.