Piles of everything

I was talking to somebody recently about why everything always seems to happen at once. Like -- even in a world where everything were distributed entirely randomly, you'd still expect life events to bunch up together, because if all sequences of events are equally likely, there are vastly more possible sequences that have several items "unusually" close together compared to the number of possible sequences in which all events are distributed at uniform, or even close-to-uniform, intervals.

But right now everything is happening because it's finals, because systems and institutions have an amplifying effect on this kind of density -- which is superficially weird, because you'd think an organization that manufactures the sequence of occurrences would distribute them uniformly, but actually that's absurdly difficult to do compared to getting all of the THINGS done at once. 

So, all of the things. Happening. At once.

Vlog will be up late tonight.