I should explain.

Yesterday, I attempted to vlog. I had the camera on for about five minutes and I almost cried. So I didn't upload that one. (Not because I'm trying to hide the fact that I cry sometimes. It was because there was no content apart from that. I was almost crying because I couldn't think of anything to talk about and I had fucking zero spoons left at that point.)

After recovering a bit, I decided to try and do a speedpaint instead. I downloaded a new program for it, because the native Windows one stops recording and doesn't tell you. I went with the suggestion of a YouTube speed painter. 

So then I painted for two hours, with the recording causing a small but not unbearable amount of lag. And I went to edit the footage, and

I had a half-hour long flash video that contained a blank screen and the ambient audio of the room during the first half hour of the painting.

Today I had class then filming for Hamp Hack, tomorrow I have Hamp Hack, Hampedia, and QCAGN. I'm not going to make up that video.