So I am attempting to re-learn instagram, which is difficult, because first I had to get access to an email address that literally no longer existed to reset my password. But I'm hoping that having a fairly straightforward app for sharing images, with built-in filters, will make it easier for me to post the doodles that I want to show off but that I don't feel like really opening up in Photoshop and prepping to publish here, you know?

The filters are a really important part, because I do a lot of tweaking in photoshop of photos I want to publish, and it really squicks me out to post my stuff without doing that. Instagram filters aren't the greatest opportunity to control, but they're a hell of a lot better than what my cell phone offers, and they're more importantly drastically easier.

As of right now my instagram's still private, but I'll be posting about it here when I open it up.