Steven Universe: Rocknaldo

I just watched the new Steven Universe, and it's FANTASTIC. 

One of my favorite things about Steven Universe is that it approaches love and acceptance as life practices in a highly nuanced way. This episode was a fantastic example of that: Ronaldo was being a huge asshole, but he was doing it using the narrative scripts that Steven has valued his whole life. Being able to identify and reject that kind of exploitation is a vital life skill if you're going to try and retain a sense of moral integrity and positive regard for others. 

The fact is, once any system has been put into words, it's vulnerable to bad-faith exploitation, and that's what Ronaldo was doing in this episode with Steven's values. And now I'm pretty sure I'm just talking in circles, so I'm going to sign off. But that was a great episode.

Also: "That's rough, buddy." Best reference of the episode.