TMBG song contest and my first real secret on Patreon

They Might Be Giants's recent song, "I Left My Body," is the subject of a new music video contest! 

Folx who know me in person may have seen my video for "Erase," which I made with my friend Sal and which did not win any of the top three places. (I choose to believe that means it was fourth-best, and given the winners I'm not embarrassed to have lost.)

I'm entering the new contest as well, this time working on something animated.

I also just made my first secret post on my Patreon that contains a real secret! (Apart from the NSA-level ones, but nobody's paying for that tier yet.) It's about another project for my diiiv that actually does require some level of hush to function. It's not, like, state-secret, but I don't want my involvement to be determinable by light googling yet.

(Wow, leaving the house today made it way easier to work up the energy to talk about things other than how guilty I feel that I never talk about things here.)