I haven't updated my vlog at all this month since the first episode of the series. today, for the first time, I really tried to put something together.

I'm extremely behind on all my major personal grooming habits and right now I feel really gross and don't want to put myself on camera. I've also generally been feeling pretty sick and in pain, and that stands in the way of getting around to those time, labor, and energy-intensive tasks. My hair is about 3x too long, more of it is black than bleached, I haven't shaved in over a week, I *think* I've showered more recently than that but I can't remember.

I was in withdrawal from one of my meds all last week. This week I've been doing an awful job of taking them on time. I haven't been sleeping at night pretty much at all, today I went to sleep at noon and only just woke up about a half an hour ago.

I'm glad Christmas is finally over with but there's a while yet before I'm out of the particular kind of weeds this holiday represents to my emotional state.

And I can hear my older brother downstairs, I think. So it looks like I'm not getting any of this stuff done tonight.