Patreon: My soul

00 CURRENT certificate of ensoulment-01.jpg

I've got another project I'm adding into my diiiv. This one is simple: I'm selling my soul. 

The art above is the in-progress artwork, and there's a lot of work to be done on it before I'm satisfied. Since I don't actually believe in souls, I feel it's important that folx who buy shares in mine get something of value regardless of whether I'm wrong about that, so my intention is for this piece to be a genuinely beautiful art object. I've put a couple weeks into this already, and that logo (which, admittedly, didn't export that well to JPG) is currently on its fourth draft.

I haven't worked out the math all the way yet, but they're going to be priced somewhere between $30 and $50. My intention is that if I can sell all 1000, it will pay off my student debt. (I want to get some very definite answers about how this income will be taxed before I set the price.)

I'm also gonna send one to each of my backers who've supported me for long enough to have effectively paid for one by the time they go up. This post is going public, so anybody who wants to jump on board for that can secure a copy in case they sell out right away!