"Notes toward a manifesto"

I'm sitting in the art barn at Hampshire right now. I actually have my laptop plugged into the projector, but fortunately (a) nobody's here and (b) the text on this screen is basically illegible because the projector has like 4 pixels per inch.

I'm thinking about the title of Adam Flynn's "Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto," and about how many manifestos have existed, thrived memetically, and failed politically. I've been trying to solve the problem of incompleteness in political text: the problem that any set of principles can be applied in bad faith by a hostile actor to achieve an end antithetical to the goal set out by those principles. 

The work I'm doing right now is going to be incomplete. That is a fundamental feature of work, but usually people get to sort of plaster over that fact. I'm going to have to not do that, and it's really hard to come to terms with that fact, emotionally.