My insurance company wants me to take my meds wrong

My school has picked up a new Insurance Provider, and once again, my insurance card says "Blue Cross, Blue Shield." 


So here's the new fucking bullshit this particular variation of this garbage company is pulling: one of my medications is Bupropion, a dopamine reuptake inhibitor of which I take 450 mg a day. The thing is, the 450 mg slow-release tablet of Bupropion is still under patent, so my doctor prescribes me 3 a day of the 150. 


The insurance company won't cover 3 a day of 150. That's too many pills to take all at once, apparently. They want me to change my prescription to one 300 mg. and one 150 mg. a day. Two separate prescriptions, so now instead of grabbing 3 of those pills each morning, I've got to get 1 each of two different versions of that pill each morning. 

I don't know for sure yet, but from what I've googled it looks kinda like the 300 and the 150 look the goddamn same.

PLUS, who wants to place bets on whether I'm charged one copay for that refill, or two?