Camera vlogging: I can breathe again

Alright so this is Friday's vlog, but also I'm writing this post as I export today's vlog. Because, listen: holy shit. Vlogging using a camera instead of a cell phone is So God Damn Much Easier. 

Today's is a fairly complicated episode; recording and editing has taken a total of about two hours. Friday's, the one linked above, took about an hour -- from filming to publishing. That's compared to about a solid day's work of wrangling shit to get a significantly poorer quality video done using my camera. 

I don't think I can go back. Which is to say, I'm going to try very hard to get a grant to cover buying a camera. Because I really need one.*

*Need here is defined relative to a desire: to continue vlogging. This is in the same structure as all other needs are defined relative to specific desires. For example, I need to breathe air, only as need is defined relative to my desire to keep living.