Bad Faith

I'm trying to write a vlog script about bad faith, and I'm struggling. Bad faith is really hard to talk about. 

Bad faith keeps being a concept that I want to bring into my videos: bad faith in arguments, bad faith in the election, bad faith in systems and exploitation; to my mind it's one of the most essential concepts for a coherent understanding of the world. 

It's also incredibly vague. Broadly, it's the idea that somebody's doing something wrong when every available measure of wrongness says they're in the clear. Bad faith entails unprovability, or at least plausible deniability.

I want to turn on the camera and just ramble, but I'm certain that if I try and do that, I won't get a coherent point out of it. I want to have this video to refer back to in future videos, so it's important to me that the bad faith episode be concise and clear.