Abject Pie (CW: illustrated gore and body horror)

My homework for graphic design over the weekend was to use the two words we'd picked before, and make icons for them. My words were "Disintegration" and "Abjection." (I had backup words, "Coffee" and "Pie," but they didn't enter into it at that point.)

The homework we got today, however, made it complicated. We were asked to pick a modifier -- an adjective -- to add to our phrase, and change the icons to reflect the new concept. So, if my word had been "Bird," I could have added the adjective "Falling," and depicted a bird clearly plummeting flightlessly toward the ground.

But it's hard to add adjectives to "Abjection" and "Disintegration." So... I decided to use my words as the adjectives, and use my backup words for the modified clauses. So, I ended up making "Disintegrating Coffee" and "Abject Pie."